CISPA is headed by the Directorate and the CISPA Board. The members of the Board are the director, vice-director, and the spokespersons, who coordinate the five research areas of CISPA. Learn more about the organization of CISPA.


Director Michael Backes

Michael Backes is a full professor at Saarland University and a Max Planck Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. He is the director of CISPA and head of the Information Security and Cryptography group. His research covers various aspects of IT security and privacy and ranges from the design, analysis, and verification of protocols and systems, mechanisms for protecting end-user privacy, research on new attack vectors, to universal solutions in software and network security.

Vice-Director Peter Druschel

Peter Druschel is vice-director of CISPA and founding director of MPI-SWS. There he heads the Distributed Systems group. Currently, his particular research focus is on practical techniques to make distributed and mobile systems secure, accountable and privacy-preserving.