17. November 2014

CISPA researchers publish Web series on IT security

dr_security_dreh Stefan Nürnberger’s and Gordon Bolduan’s proposal of a Web-TV series on IT security topics named “Dr. Security” got funded with 10,000 EUR in the research transfer competition “Wissenschaft im Dialog 2014”. The Web-TV series aims at a broad audiance, raising awareness for our IT security and privacy research. The series has an edutainment format and will consist of three episodes – ten minutes each. The first episode addresses the security and privacy risks of vehicle telematics and is already available online. The second and third episode are currently in post production; they will address the topics botnets and bad USB, including a cameo appearance of Steve “Woz” Wozniak, who generously supported the project.

The series is in German. To learn more and watch the first episode, please visit the Dr. Security Website .