26. June 2015

Daily Mail Science: Could the ‘right to be forgotten’ become automated?

The Daily Mail reports on our CISPA paper “Oblivion” that proposes an automation for the right to be forgotten. CISPA researchers Milivoj Simeonovski, Fabian Bendun, Riswan Asghar, Michael Backes, Ninja Marnau, and Peter Druschel propose a solution for the automated identification of personally identifiable information and authentication of eligible data subjects to search engines such as Google.

The Daily Mail writes: “Oblivion software could help Google remove hundreds of people from the web in seconds

  • Oblivion allows a user to automatically find and tag their personal data
  • They confirm their identity by sending a digital copy of their ID
  • Software matches details, verifies a request and could send it to Google
  • Tests have revealed it handles 278 requests a second using this method”

Daily Mail Article on Oblivion