Where do I send my application?

All applications should be made through the general CISPA application system.

IMPORTANT: In your cover letter, please indicate clearly that you are applying for a position in the group of Prof. Cremers.


Please apply by Thursday 22 September 2022, AoE.

What can I do to prepare?

Read some of our recent publications, and figure out which ones appeal most to you. When applying, indicate what appeals to you and how this interacts with your own research interests.

Of course, if you have questions, just contact me!

What are typical research topics in group?

Historically, our main research combines elements from information security, formal analysis, automated verification, and applied cryptography. Check our recent publications, but themes include:

  • Models and proof methodologies for security
  • Security protocol analysis tools: Scyther, Tamarin
  • Secure messaging (eg Signal, post-compromise security) and key exchange
  • Security protocol design
  • Security standards: ISO, TLS 1.3, 5G, and IETF standard under development for secure messaging MLS, worked on DP3T, ...

We very much welcome new angles and directions, and expect new researchers to bring in their own ideas.

What is life like to be a PhD or postdoc?

All positions are fully funded, i.e., you receive a salary.

My colleague Andreas Zeller wrote a great piece on what it is like to be a PhD student in Germany, including what a German PhD/Postdoc salary gives you in Saarbruecken (CISPA's location).

CISPA is a world leading research institute in Computer Security with many great researchers.

What happens after I apply?

After all applications are in, we will make a selection of people to go to the next round. The plan is to make this selection within a few weeks, and notify everyone. Everyone who makes it to the next round gets invited for a virtual meeting.

The details of this second phase are still being finalized, but will give you an opportunity to (virtually) meet with several of of our group members one-on-one, as well as an opportunity to present some of your work to the group. We're looking forward to it!

If I get offered and accept a position, when am I supposed to start?

The starting date is not fixed -- we just need to mutually agree. In theory, it could be as early as November 2022, and as late as early 2023.

What is the contract duration?

PhD. positions are intended to be four years, with a formal checkpoint after roughly one year.

Postdoc contracts are at least two years, with optional extension.

Why don't you apply to me instead?

Fair enough.

More questions?

Please do not hesitate to mail me and ask any questions!

Contact information

  • Prof. Dr. Cas Cremers
  • E-mail: cremers@cispa.de