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May. 25, 2020

Rayna Dimitrova becomes CISPA Faculty

The number of faculty at CISPA continues to gro...

May. 11, 2020

Schwarz, Staicu and Hanzlik - Three new faculties set to start at CISPA

Three new faculties, Lucjan Hanzlik, Michael Sc...

Apr. 26, 2020

CISPA and Helmholtz welcome the Federal government's change of course regarding coronavirus app

Helmholtz and CISPA welcome the Federal Governm...

Apr. 20, 2020

Contact Tracing App for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

CISPA’s withdrawal from PEPP-PT and ongoing con...

Apr. 20, 2020

Joint Statement on Contact Tracing

The undersigned statement represents scientists...

Apr. 03, 2020

Hidden functions make mobile phone apps vulnerable to hackers

A team of cyber security researchers from the C...

Mar. 19, 2020

Andreas Zeller and Bernd Finkbeiner awarded the state prize for university teaching

The two CISPA Faculty Bernd Finkbeiner and And...

Mar. 17, 2020

Important questions and answers on CISPA during the Corona Pandemic

How does CISPA react to the current corona pand...

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