Ben Stock
Dr.-Ing. | Researcher

  • Information Security and Cryptography
  • Building E9 1, Room 3.19
  • +49 681 302 57377
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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for IT Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA) at Saarland University. Previously, I was a PhD student and research fellow at the Security Research Group of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg. My research interests lie within Web Security and Malware Analysis. I also enjoy the challenges provided in Capture-the-Flag contests.
I offer thesis in the general area of Web and network security. If you are interested in these areas, please contact me to discuss potential topics.



Efficient and Flexible Discovery of PHP Application Vulnerabilities


On the Feasibility of TTL-based Filtering for DRDoS Mitigation

Hey, You Have a Problem: On the Feasibility of Large-Scale Web Vulnerability Notification

Kizzle: A Signature Compiler for Detecting Exploit Kits


From Facepalm to Brain Bender: Exploring Client-Side Cross-Site Scripting

The Unexpected Dangers of Dynamic JavaScript


Precise Client-side Protection against DOM-based Cross-Site Scripting

Protecting Users Against XSS-based Password Manager Abuse

DOM-basiertes Cross-Site Scripting im Web: Reise in ein unerforschtes Land.


25 Million Flows Later - Large-scale Detection of DOM-based XSS

Eradicating DNS Rebinding with the Extended Same-Origin Policy

Implementing low-level browser-based security functionality


Walowdac-analysis of a peer-to-peer botnet