Nils Fleischhacker
M.Sc. | Researcher

  • Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Building E9 1, Room 1.10
  • +49 681 302 71945
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Curriculum Vitae

In September 2012, I received my Master’s degree in Computer Science with honors from Technische Universität Darmstadt, where I was fortunate to work on my Master-Thesis “Limitations of the Meta-Reduction Technique: The Case of Schnorr Signatures” under my Advisor Marc Fischlin. The results of my thesis were published at Eurocrypt 2013. Between July and October 2013, I was given the amazing opportunity to spend the summer on a research visit at University of Maryland, College Park. There I was very fortunate to work with Jonathan Katz and Dana Dachmann-Soled. Between July and September I was fortunate to work with Christina Brzuska as a Research Intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge.



Efficient Cryptographic Password Hardening Services From Partially Oblivious Commitments

On Statistically Secure Obfuscation with Approximate Correctness

Two Message Oblivious Evaluation of Cryptographic Functionalities

Efficient Unlinkable Sanitizable Signatures from Signatures with Re-randomizable Keys


Feasibility and Infeasibility of Secure Computation with Malicious PUFs

A Modular Framework for Multi-Factor Authentication and Key Exchange

On Tight Security Proofs for Schnorr Signatures


Limitations of the Meta-reduction Technique: The Case of Schnorr Signatures

Pseudorandom signatures