Sebastian Meiser
Ph.D. |

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  • 2013 – Best Presentation Award HOTPets 2014;
    6th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs 2013) Held in conjunction with the 13th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium



Anonymous communication (AC) protocols, such as the widely used Tor network, are an important tool for a privacy-aware usage of the internet. In this project, we develop a generic framework for analyzing and quantifying complex systems, such as Tor, and their different anonymity properties in a unified manner.

CoSP: A General Framework for Computational Soundness Proofs

Dolev-Yao models of cryptographic operations constitute the foundation of many successful verification tools for security protocols. Many of these symbolic abstractions are computationally sound, i.e., the absence of attacks against the abstraction entails the security of suitable cryptographic realizations. CoSP is a general framework for conducting computational soundness proofs of symbolic models in a conceptually modular and generic way.



Delegatable Functional Signatures


Your Choice MATor(s): Large-scale Quantitative Anonymity Assessment of Tor Path Selection Algorithms Against Structural Attacks


(Nothing else) MATor(s): Monitoring the Anonymity of Tor's Path Selection


Differentially Private Smart Metering with Battery Recharging

AnoA: A Framework For Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols


Computational Soundness of Passively Secure Encryption in Presence of Active Adversaries