Tim Ruffing
M.Sc. | Researcher

  • Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Building E9 1, Room 1.04
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  • tim.ruffing(aeht)cispa.saarland
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Curriculum Vitae

I'm a computer science PhD student at the Center for IT-Security, Privacy and Accountability (CISPA) at Saarland University in Germany. I am co-supervised by Aniket Kate (now at Purdue University) and Dominique Schröder. I work in the field of cryptographic systems and privacy-enhancing technologies. My current research focuses on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Previously, I also worked on censorship-resistant communication, imperfect randomness in cryptography, and the computational soundness of formal abstractions of cryptography. See my personal research homepage for my publications and more details.


CoSP: A General Framework for Computational Soundness Proofs

Dolev-Yao models of cryptographic operations constitute the foundation of many successful verification tools for security protocols. Many of these symbolic abstractions are computationally sound, i.e., the absence of attacks against the abstraction entails the security of suitable cryptographic realizations. CoSP is a general framework for conducting computational soundness proofs of symbolic models in a conceptually modular and generic way.



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Identity-Based Steganography and Its Applications to Censorship Resistance

Poster: Identity-Based Steganography and Its Applications to Censorship Resistance


Computational Soundness of Interactive Primitives