Research Group of Christian Rossow

Welcome to the research group of Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow at CISPA. We are an enthusiastic research team that explores systems, software and network security topics. In particular, we study (i) cyber attack countermeasures (e.g., malware defenses, amplification DDoS mitigation, attack attributions/tracebacks), (ii) network security (e.g., software/hardware co-designs for reliable traffic attribution, traffic analysis on encrypted network communication), and (iii) OS/software security (e.g., microarchitectural side channels, compiler-assisted software security, cryptocurrency implementations). We love foundational research that can be transferred to practical applications and remediations.

Job Openings

We are hiring! We are looking for both PhD students and PostDocs. PostDocs: If you have an internatioal profile in network/system security, please reach out. PhD students: If you have or shortly will finish your MSc studies and you like security research, get in contact. CISPA offers a prospering environmment for excellent researchers who have the ability and drive to publish at internatinally renowned conferences in the field. Check our job openings to learn more.